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A Note From Jeanie:

Dear Listener,

CAYA (Come As You Are...) is a mystery in and of itself. There I was, minding my own business, doing my own secular career thing, and RIGHT in the middle of recording a CD for a label I was contracted to in Germany, God decides to throw a curve and disrupt the whole cha-cha. One minute I'm working on a CD for the Germans, the next I'm telling my producers to "wait....I'll get back to you...no...no problem...I just have to record an album for...{deep breath}...God. Yes, GOD. THAT God. Why? Because 'He' asked me to. No, I have no money or investors behind it. No, it will NOT be a record for sale so I won't be violating my contract. No...I MEAN it. It's a free CD.... I told you, because God ASKED me to! Well...you may have a point...maybe all those drugs from the 70's ARE catching up to me, but I'm pretty confident it's not a delusion or hallucination. No, I have no IDEA how to pay for it...but I figure God does...yes, we'll finish the PHOENIX CD as soon as I'm done with this. My deepest apologies...Love you too....thanks for your understanding...bye...."

And lo and behold...CAYA was conceived, developed and recorded in nine months' time. God provided all the people and money necessary to create the CD, and then the final order was, "Give it away." Having gone through the original 3300 copies, it is now time to make it 100% downloadable, for FREE!

SO, the message gets out: COME AS YOU ARE...TO THE FATHER*! (*The term "Father" is not intended as reference to a patriarchal engendering of our Creator. Since some factions of Christianity has been using the "Father" against so many, it was decided to show the same "Father" in another light.) My role in all this is to just be the custodian of the CD. The music came THROUGH me, and though I would love to lay claim to its authorship, it'd be a dead lie. It was as though God decided to take my puny version of life (and the things that I'd been allowed to witness and experience as a human seeking God), and collate all these experiences into a common thread to many souls who felt (feel), "left out" or ostracized. Using a 'flawed' human's perspective (mine), it felt like God chose to reach out to a number of souls (more than I thought) through this avenue. There seems to be a LOT of that going on these days, and this is just one more effort toward that end.

Regardless of your personal faith, just get in TOUCH with God, okay? It's urgent. Don't put it off because you think you're "flawed". Being "flawed" is not the point. If you were ever told that God was watching you from day one to your dying breath (writing down your every thought and deed in that "Book of Life"), then that should be very good news for you. It would seem then, that not only does God know EXACTLY who you are, but WHY you are who you are, having experienced everything you've been through as you went through it. If we were raised by perfect Angels, and taught by perfect Angels, then we'd have every right to feel guilty about not being perfect Angels. But let's face it. We're not. We're not even raised by perfect humans. So, don't let your humanness prevent you from going to God. Believe me, God knows it's no cakewalk here.

Don't put it off because you can't buy into the many versions of faiths out there. You're not alone and in some good company about that. Even Jesus of Nazareth had those very issues. (Read Matthew Chapter 23 if you want to know how Jesus felt about religionists and hypocrites! You'd be surprised how much He related to our confusion!) YOUR Creator, God, really, REALLY wants to hear from you. PRIVATELY. In YOUR OWN WAY. God's NO dummy and knows EXACTLY when YOU'RE calling, no matter which approach you use. You will be surprised at the love that awaits you!

May you find comfort and identity in this music. It's FREE. Enjoy it. Sing along with it. Don't sell it though, okay? (If I don't, you shouldn't...)

Much love,
jeanie cunningham

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